As I mentioned last week, Saturday was McHappy Day at McDonalds stores across Australia.

It’s an annual event that raises funds for Ronald McDonald House Charities to help seriously ill children live happier, healthier lives. I spent some time helping out at Midland McDonalds.

Jill Bonanno, my regular Friday morning guest on 98.5 Sonshine FM joined me for a fun time talking to customers and raising funds. (That’s us in the photo with Ronald.)

Sarah, who was coordinating McHappy Day for the Midland store, looked after us so well. She is an absolute delight and I’m sure that the owners of the store are very pleased to have her on their staff.

I had a McCheesy moment during the morning. Part of my duties was handing out cake samples from the McCafe. I was trying to keep the atmosphere light and friendly so I wandered up to a couple who had just entered the store and said something along the lines of, “Would you like a cake sample? It’s McHappy Day so we’re trying to make people McHappy.”

I turned around to see Emily laughing. “What?” I asked. She responded, “Making people McHappy? That was so cheesy.”

So there you are. Emily, at age 11, has now come to the realisation that her dad says and does things that aren’t always cool. In fact, some of the things he does are pretty cringe-worthy.

To tell the truth, I think she worked that out quite some time ago. It’s just that sometimes it’s more obvious than others.

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