Another School Year Over

Today Emily finished Year Six and James completed Year Three at school.

I had the privilege of being at their final assembly for the year this afternoon. The final assembly is traditionally the time where the outstanding students from each year level are recognised for their work throughout the year.

When the Year Three teacher stepped up on stage we listened intently. James has previously received the Academic Achievement Award for both Year One and Year Two and always makes us extremely proud of his efforts. Today he added the Year Three Achievement Award to his collection.

A short while later Emily’s teacher stepped up to the microphone.Emily has previously won the Achievement Award, the highest academic award for each year level, in Years One, Two, Three and Five. Today she received the Acheivement Award for Year Six. It’s hard to believe she only has one year left of primary school.

On top of her Achievement Award, Emily was given a certificate for her outstanding work in English and she was named as one of the School Councillors for next year.

Looks like both Emily and James deserve a good break during these summer holidays. They have made both Pauline and me extremely proud yet again.

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