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Messy SpiritualityI love receiving parcels.

I got home a couple of days ago to find a small parcel waiting for me. It was a book that had made its way across the seas from Tony Sheng.

Tony recently celebrated his 5th blog birthday and so he wrote a post called Blog Birthday and Books where he offered his readers the opportunity to help him clean his bookshelf.

He listed a number of books that he was willing to give to any of his readers who asked. I noticed that he had a copy of Mike Yaconelli’s Messy Spirituality up for grabs so I put my hand up for it.

The book arrived with a pack of bubble gum from the U.S. I’m looking forward to getting my teeth into the book and the gum.

Thanks Tony. As well as providing great reading through your blog you’ve now provided more great reading with the book. Happy 5th blog birthday. I hope there’ll be many more.

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  • Oh! That’s one of my favorite books! What a great idea your friend Tony had! It is sooooo fun receiving parcels, I think I enjoy sending them just as much. I’ll be interested to see how you like the book.

  • Hope you like “Messy”…………….Yaconelli died a couple of years ago (sadly) but he had a handle on something. I stumbled upon him through other authors I like. His son (name escapes me) is writing now also. In a nutshell, I think Yaconelli is a cross between Yancey and Brennan Manning!!! Looking forward to what you make of it Rodney.

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