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carlriseley.jpgCarl Riseley grew up on the Gold Coast in Queensland. and reckons that he held his first trumpet when he was around the age of four.

He played the trumpet throughout school, but it was only towards the end of high school that he really felt he could make a career from his talent. When a good friend joined the Royal Australian Navy as a trombone player, Carl was inspired to do the same and signed up the following year as a full-time musician in the Navy.

Fast forward to last year’s Australian Idol and Carl was the surprise find of the competition – not because he’s not incredibly talented – but because his style certainly didn’t fit the usual Idol mould. He made it to the top three in that competition and his new album The Rise is now in stores.

He joined me on the line during my morning programme on 98.5 Sonshine FM today.

You can listen to our conversation by clicking the play button of the audio player at the bottom of this post.

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  • Hi Rodney
    Carl is such a nice ‘kid’. He was always keen to accept advice, he even often asked for help in Maths driving to and from our band practice in Brisbane. He never failed to be polite and respectful and had the ability to relate well with anyone of any age.
    Great to see the success of his album, having bought a copy and being a muso, I am amazed with his musicality and incredible interpretation of the songs. He has come such a long way with his singing.
    Great stuff from Carl. Thanks Rodney.

  • Thanks Rob. Carl was a pleasure to interview and I really like the single from the album, This Guy’s In Love. It’s been a while since someone did a good version of that one.

  • We wanted him to win, was so sad when he was voted out. Great talent, great music and great young man. I hope he’ll go far in the music industry. Bummer, I missed the interview. Now in the office I need to get a little radio for my desk, I’m so many programs behind.

  • Just found this interview Rodney!! We loved Carl on Australian Idol and sms’d our fingers to the bone to try to get him through!! LOVE his album and were lucky enough to see him here in Adelaide at The Gov on his tour…what a show!!! He was just great and his band was fantastic as well!! Hopefully he might come back to Adelaide with another show soon! Thanks so much for this interview…loved it!! (Waiting patiently now for another album!!)


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