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problogger.jpgWhen it comes to the blogosphere it doesn’t get much bigger than Darren Rowse and ProBlogger. If you’re not already reading ProBlogger it’s probably about time you started. you’ll gain some incredible insights into growing your blog and even making some serious dollars from your blog.

Do you wish that you had access to the kind of readership that ProBlogger reaches? This weekend you have the opportunity to pitch your blog to Darren’s readers as he runs another social experiment and invites you to participate.

In the post Tell us about Your Blog in 140 Characters or Less, Darren encourages you to … well … tell him about your blog in 140 characters or less.

Over 500 bloggers have already taken advantage of the offer and by the time you read this post there may well be hundreds more. So why are you waiting. Go tell the world why they should be reading your blog.

By the way, if you’re here for the first time after following the link from ProBlogger – welcome. I hope you’ll take the time to look around and find out a little more about me and my blog. Check out my About page if you want a quick idea of who I am. You’ll find a couple of options for getting free updates to RodneyOlsen.net at the top of my right hand sidebar. If you’ve got a few days you might also like to spend some time trawling through several years of archives.

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