Shuffle Music Challenge

Clint from The Wilderness has thrown out the challenge.

He’s picked up a music challenge from Facebook which he ran on his blog. I’ve decided I’ll do something similar here.

The basic idea is that you put your iTunes or equivalent on random then post the first line from the first 25 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing. (Unless it is the title of the song.)

I’ve done that bit, now it’s your turn. You need to guess what the songs are. You need to name the song and the artist without cheating. No Googling.

Guess one or guess them all in the comments section of this post.

1. Suburbia, 1 a.m. you’re walking home again. Shopping bags and broken glass. I hate going through the underpass.

2. She was insatiable, you know the type and she was young, but she was ripe.

3. And on a Monday, I’m gonna love ya, and on a Tuesday, I’m gonna hug ya, and on a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, gonna love ya.

4. Try to stop the world spinning ’round. My phone bill will tell you she lives outta town.

5. Just hear those sleigh bells jingle-ing, ring ting tingle-ing too.

6. Out to the west there’s a trail that leads somewhere and a call of the wild that takes some people there.

7. Everybody’s asking why he couldn’t adjust.

8. Better take care. Think I better go, better get a room.

9. I ain’t here to hold you when you cry. I ain’t here to hold your shaky hand.

10. Used to be that I could see a reason to be happy cause I was free.

11. The iron hand it ain’t no match for the iron rod. The strongest wall will crumble and fall to a mighty God. When He Returns – Bob Dylan

12. Pedro lives out of the Wilshire hotel. He looks out a window without glass. Dirty Blvd. – Lou Reed.

13. Yeah, I’ve had my share of broken dreams and more than a couple of falls.

14. I met your boyfriend on Martin’s Lane and he said, “Fancy running into you again”.

15. They say everything can be replaced. They say every distance is not near. I Shall Be Released – The Band.

16. If we don’t move the move’s our last. We deprive ourselves of our only chance.

17. I feel the need in me to focus my desire.

18. Isabelle is a belly dancer with a kleptomaniac’s restraint. Take Me to Your Leader – Newsboys

19. There’s no escape on the spell you have placed.

20. Just when the sun shines the brightest and the world looks alright again.

21. I wanted everything for a little while. Why shouldn’t I?

22. My love she speaks like silence, without ideals or violence. She doesn’t have to say she’s faithful, yet she’s true, like ice, like fire. Love Minus Zero/No Limit – Bob Dylan

23. Know I wasn’t good. Maybe I was even bad but I was way too young to know just what I had.

24. Could never walk away from that girl. She’s the only one in the world. She’s the ruler of the table-top. She’s no persnickety, she’s real persimmon. Love Beats Me Up – Australian Crawl

25. Movie stars and fancy cars delight you. Gala balls and opening nights excite you.

Yes, you’re right. I have rather eclectic tastes in music but have a go anyway and see how many you can guess.

I’ll highlight each one in red once it’s been guessed.

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