Glamourising Abuse

Melinda Tankard Reist is a Canberra author, speaker, commentator and advocate with a special interest in issues affecting women and girls. I had the privilege of interviewing her back in 2007 when she was heading to Perth for the Real Choices for Women Forum.

A few days ago Melinda published an article titled, Women blindfolded and gagged: the latest in men’s fashion from Roger David. I am appalled that such shirts are available and I cannot even begin to understand how anyone would see them as acceptable in any way. Can I encourage you to read her article and respond to Roger David about their actions?

Melinda describes the shirts being sold by this major menswear chain and tries to describe the effects of such marketing.

What we are seeing here is the glamourising of abuse, the suggestion of sexual aggression, a hint that women want to be treated roughly.

The abuse is glamourised not just for the perpetrator, but for the victim too. As though it’s not only hot to be the pimp, but it’s sexy to be dominated, coerced, submissive, abused – possibly even raped.

She goes on to describe other shirts being sold online which excuse rape and abuse.

Please take the time to take action on this very serious issue.

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  • Hi Rodney

    At first I wondered if this or any blog gives this kind of element too much attention. After some thought, I decided to comment.

    We have freedom of speech and I cherish that. Unfortunately, to some, that means going beyond boundaries and pushing the vulgar and indecent.

    But we, the consumers, also have freedom of speech, to do what you did, and that is educate in your blog. That way, when someone goes to this merchant to buy a suit or an article of clothing from this designer, they can exercise THEIR freedom of speech (and their pocketbooks) and decide if they want to help anyone or anything financially that depicts abuse to women in their inventory.

    I am a firm believer that they can only exist for so long if the majority boycotts such disgusting material.
    .-= Barbara (Xerraire)´s last blog ..Cry Translator =-.

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