Holka Polka

I headed off to fairytale land last night. Our daughter Emily was part of her middle school production, Holka Polka. It’s a great drama full of fairy tale characters.

The writer, D. M. Bocaz-Larson, has created some very funny lines and the young performers last night handled the performance brilliantly. The comic timing of some of the lead actors was outstanding.

There were a few opening night nerves but the audience loved every moment of the show. Under the direction of Drama Teacher, Chris Willesee, Holka Polka was an absolute hit.

I must admit that as a parent I have been to school presentations of various kinds where I’ve been very focussed on the parts our kids have played, and less than interested in someone else’s little darling, but when you get something as good as this, you’re captivated from start to finish by the whole cast. In fact, it was so good, we’ve got tickets for tonight’s show too.

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