The Death of the Breville

As I sit here drinking my Nescafe Gold Rich Roast instant coffee, I’m remembering the good times with my old Breville BCM 120. The Breville has served its time and is now destined for the scrapheap. With its last dying breath yesterday afternoon it let out a pungent electrical/plastic burning smell before the light on the on/off switch went out … forever.

Yes, I know that drip coffee makers don’t get the best from the coffee beans and some coffee aficionados consider that using premium coffee beans in such a device is sacrilegious, but lets look at the facts, without my drip machine, I’m now drinking instant coffee. The Breville actually made a decent brew.

I really do enjoy a well made long black but we live on an instant coffee budget so being able to have a nicer brew with the BCM 120 was a wonderful thing. Don’t mock me. I know that I could do a lot better but have you seen the prices on those fancy machines? I would love to have a DeLonghi or a Saeco but at this stage it would seem that I’ll need to go shopping for a simple plunger to brew my beans.

How do you have your coffee? What do you use to make coffee at home? Do you have a fancy machine or just a jar and a kettle?

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  • My coffee at home comes from across the road at Blah Blah … exercise and coffee. What more can one ask for? 🙂 Oh its $5.00 for a large double shot refill with every tenth coffee free.

  • plungers work good.

    that’s all i had until someone gave us a broken sunbeam machine… after 10 minutes of sealing and unclogging we now have ourselves a cracker of a coffee machine. 🙂

  • I would consider buying a plunger….cheap!
    If you cant afford a proper machine, freshly ground plunger coffee is good.
    Make sure the water is not too hot, let if sit for a few minutes before plunging and that is good coffee. Just make sure you get the right blend.
    5 Senses do some varieties which are designed just for plungers.

    But of course, this is coming from someone who has spent considerable amount of money on a 5910 and a proper burr grinder…so its all about priorities.

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