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In my previous post I told you about joining the 25000 Spins Great Ocean Road Challenge to raise funds for Compassion.

I’ll be riding around 290 kilometres over three days to release children from poverty. I’ve seen Compassion’s work first hand in Haiti and Dominican Republic so I know it makes a real difference.

One of the other riders on the challenge is Andrew Streat, Marketing Director for Compassion Australia. Andrew’s based in New South Wales, on the other side of Australia, so I won’t get to ride with him until the event in February but I’m looking forward to meetin him and the others who are riding for a great cause.

Prior to joining Compassion, Andrew worked in a number of different fields and areas, including spending a decade in the Air Force travelling through Asia and Australia, picking up a managerial position in a Health and Fitness Centre, working with mentally disabled adults as a Diversional Therapist for Hunter Mission, and giving 15 years to various marketing and managerial roles with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.

Joining Compassion in 2010, Andrew now heads up the marketing team by taking the common vision of seeing children released from poverty in Jesus’ name, and sharing this vision with supporters and child advocates throughout Australia. Andrew’s favourite quote, “stand for something or fall for anything” infiltrates all his actions as Marketing Director, as he seeks to show the Australian people why Compassion stands for children living in poverty, and how they can help advocate against this injustice.

Andrew is also a man of many hidden talents: he enjoys painting artworks, learning the violin, drinking good coffee and spending quality time surfing with his wife, Kim.

Today on my Morning Café radio program I spoke to Andrew about the challenge and how the money raised would be used to release children from poverty. You can click the play button on the audio player below to listen to our conversation.


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He previously worked in radio for about 25 years but these days he spends his time at Compassion Australia, working towards releasing children from poverty in Jesus' name.

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