Smart Phones?

I love the convenience of smart phones and being able to capture memories but there comes a time when we need to stop “capturing moments” and start experiencing life again.

With a smart phone comes much responsibility. Use it wisely.

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Rodney Olsen

Rodney is a husband, father, cyclist, blogger and podcaster from Perth Western Australia.

He previously worked in radio for about 25 years but these days he spends his time at Compassion Australia, working towards releasing children from poverty in Jesus' name.

The views he expresses here are his own.

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  • Moments I feel not like a dinosaur with my cellphone that can call people, receive calls and send/receive sms. Nothing more.
    Wow. What a video!

  • I’ve heard wedding photographers say that they consider people taking pictures with their smart phones during the ceremony to be the height of rudeness, The last wedding I went to I made sure not to take any photos during the ceremony and just enjoyed the moment not through a lens.

    • I like the opportunity to take my own photos at important events but now that everyone has some kind of camera on them all the time it does tend to ruin the moment. People used to just grab a couple of snaps from where they were seated but these days people move all over the place trying to grab the photo they want.

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