What if they say, no?

It’s R U OK? Day. It’s the day that we’re encouraged to ask friends, family and colleagues if they’re OK. It’s an acknowledgement that a conversation could change a life.

Of course we’re encouraged to ask the question more than just once a year and this year we’re being asked to dig a little deeper to ask if others are ‘really’ OK.

I wonder though, how would you react if someone you asked admitted that they weren’t really OK. What if you asked if they were OK and they said, no? Would you know how to help or at least walk with them towards some kind of help?

Do you know how the people in your world are really going?

Life’s ups and downs happen to all of us. So chances are someone you know might be struggling. Your genuine support can make a difference whatever they are facing, big or small.

So, don’t wait until someone’s visibly distressed or in crisis. Make a moment meaningful and ask them how they’re really going.

Are they really OK? Ask them today. Your conversation could change a life.

Thankfully, the R U OK? website has resources to help you have those conversations.

Asking others if they’re OK should be a year-round conversation. I’m grateful for a particular friend who often digs a little deeper beyond the ‘how’re you going?’ kind of conversation. While I haven’t had cause to share any deep pain with this friend, his questions let me know that if I’m in trouble, I’ll have somewhere to turn.

Do you know how to ask someone if they’re doing OK? Do you know how to check on their mental health and then be the support they need today and throughout the year? Maybe the best thing you can do for those close to you on R U OK? Day is to visit the R U OK? website and learn how to ask and where to go from there.

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Rodney Olsen

Rodney is a husband, father, cyclist, blogger and podcaster from Perth Western Australia.

He previously worked in radio for about 25 years but these days he spends his time at Compassion Australia, working towards releasing children from poverty in Jesus' name.

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  • I try to do this more than one day a year. I think as a Christ-follower I am to be watching out for others. As a pastor, I try to reach out to the “sheep” I am responsible for and will often ask them if they are okay. In fact, just did that last night. At this writing, I have not heard back from them. if they say no, I try to show them I care and will listen.

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