David Libby – A Different World

In this episode of Bleeding Daylight, I sit down with David Libby, author of “A Different World: God’s Sovereignty in the Face of Suffering.” David shares his family’s journey through prolonged suffering due to chronic illness and how it led them to a deeper understanding of God’s sovereignty. Living off the land in rural Maine, David and his family faced the relentless toll of Lyme disease, navigating through pain, seizures, and debilitating symptoms. Through their trials, they discovered a profound trust in God’s plan, finding hope in the promise of eternity despite the temporal challenges they faced.

David’s story offers insight into wrestling with the age-old question of suffering and God’s goodness. His book delves into the theological and philosophical aspects of suffering, offering a nuanced perspective that challenges shallow understandings of faith. Whether you’re facing trials or seeking a deeper understanding of God’s sovereignty, David’s journey and insights are sure to inspire and encourage. Click play on the audio player to explore the transformative power of faith in the face of adversity.

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