Nanci Lamborn – Hatred to Healing: A Journey of Forgiveness

In this powerful episode of Bleeding Daylight, Nanci Lamborn shares her harrowing journey from a tumultuous childhood marked by trauma and abuse to a life transformed by forgiveness and faith. Her book, Angry Daughter, The Journey from Hatred to Love, delves deep into her painful past, including the emotional and physical abuse she endured and the strained relationship with her mother. Nanci candidly discusses how confronting her deep-seated resentment and engaging in heart-healing prayer allowed her to find freedom and forgiveness, ultimately leading her to a place of peace and purpose.

Nanci explores the complexities of her family dynamics, the impact of abuse, and the challenges of reconciling a religious upbringing with the harsh realities of her home life. Nanci’s story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of embracing one’s faith and identity. Now, as a mentor and healer, she walks alongside others who are hurting, offering hope and a path to healing. This episode is a moving account of overcoming darkness and finding light, perfect for anyone seeking inspiration and understanding of the power of forgiveness.

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