Melinda Patrick – Living Fully in the Wait

In this week’s episode of Bleeding Daylight, I engage in a profound conversation with Melinda Patrick, a woman whose life story is a testament to resilience and faith amidst trying circumstances. Melinda shares her journey from doubt and despair to hope and joy, emphasizing the transformative power of living in response to God rather than reacting to life’s challenges. As the host of the Even While podcast and the author of The Daring Rescue, Melinda offers invaluable insights on navigating the complexities of waiting, especially for Christian parents with LGBTQ-identified children. Her mission is to inspire others to see beyond their current circumstances and discover the hidden treasures that God has for them.

Throughout our discussion, we explore various forms of waiting, from health issues to relational struggles, and the pain that often accompanies these periods of uncertainty. Melinda’s personal experiences, including the poignant story of her first husband’s end-of-life journey and her ongoing prayers for her wandering child, illustrate her deep understanding of waiting on God’s timing. She shares practical advice on how to live abundantly even in the waiting, highlighting the importance of trusting God’s perfect timing and maintaining a strong faith. This episode is a source of encouragement for anyone feeling stuck or in a season of waiting, offering hope and practical wisdom for moving forward with faith and purpose.

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