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One of the most controversial politicians in Australia over the past 20 or so years has been Rev. Fred Nile.

Fred has taken a strong stand on things he believes in. He has attacked homosexual lifestyles and the annual Gay Mardi Gras. He has been a strong opponent of prostitution and pornography. He has even introduced bills into parliament which have seen smoking advertising and smoking in many public places banned.

Love him or hate him he is an interesting man.

I’ll be talking to him on-air just after 11:00am this morning. If you’re not in Perth, you can listen live by following the links from the Sonshine FM website.

Posted by Rodney Olsen

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  • I really hope you gave him a hard time.

    He has a LOT to answer for….for misrepesenting and distorting (ie. not sharing at all) the gospel.

  • I wish I had someone to put a transcript together of the interview so I could post some of it.

    I tried to be fair to him but I certainly did ask him if he sometimes looked back and wished he had handled issues in a different way.

    I also took the opportunity to highlight the fact that many homosexuals feel he is not simply attacking their lifestyle but them personally. He said that that is not his intention and that he tries to befriend homosexuals. He said he has had several calling him for help. He said that he doesn’t want to condemn anyone as we are all sinners only saved by the grace of God.

    The other point I raised with him is that he is considered as an object of ridicule by many and his name is used as a joke on many TV comedy shows. He said that while it obviously hurts he tries to give it all over to Jesus. He believes that he has been misrepresented and vilified on many occasions.

  • I don’t buy what he says.

    I probably received the same media release as you last week..with him touting for media opportunities while he was in Perth…and he was just thumping the same old line…

    “He said that he doesn’t want to condemn anyone as we are all sinners only saved by the grace of God.”

    Well…he’d better start working damn hard on correcting the message he and the people who write the CDP press releases..have been pumping out for the past 30 years+

    Did you see how Rebecca Carmody on Stateline got him to admit on Friday night..he still homosexuality criminalised again..but doesn’t push it now because the major parties wouldn’t support it?

    The guy is a worm. Like any narcissist…he now hows to present an acceptable message when prompted and pushed …but it’s not what he believes….he’s either a Judaizer….masquerading as a Christian…..or just really really really really appalling at presenting the gospel.

    Either way….the Christian community needs to say “that’s enough Fred…you’ve had your go…and you’re not winning people to Christ…you’re doing the exact opposite.”

  • Unfortunately I missed him on Stateline. I caught the last couple of minutes of the interview when they replayed Stateline the next day but not enough to really catch the general direction of the interview.

    Lance, you obviously have a much better handle on where you feel he is presenting mixed messages than I do. Did you get a chance to interview him and put some hard questions to him while he was in town?

    I know that he was heading to 6PR directly after his interview here on Friday. I don’t suppose you had opportunity to speak to him.

  • No…Tony McManus interviewed him..

    I must go back and listen to it.

    Probably just as well I wasn’t there……the mood I’m in…I probably would have knocked his block off in the corridor.

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