Leonardo da Vinci

LeonardoSelfPortrait.jpgLeonardo da Vinci was passionately dedicated to scientific studies. His manuscripts are full of ingenuous solutions to practical problems of his time.

The remarkable thing is that he wasn’t just limited to his own time period, he was able to imagine future possibilities such as flying machines and automation. Amazing considering that he lived over 550 years ago. His anatomy drawings are still used today.

He was a musician, artist, town planner and so much more. I’m told he also played polo. He reminds me of that kid in the class who would make you jealous because he could do anything he set his mind to do.

Historical documents reveal that he commissioned local artisans to create some of his inventions. Unfortunately none of the original machines have survived and many of his inventions were forgotten. However, the last fifty years has seen a revival of interest in the work of Leonardo da Vinci.

The Da Vinci Machines Exhibition is in Perth until the 21st of July with many of da Vinci’s machine recreated by a new breed of artisans. The exhibition is interactive, giving visitors the opportunity to get hands on with a lot of the machines.

During my radio programme on 98.5 Sonshine FM this morning I spoke to Tom Rizzo who is managing the exhibition. You can find out more about this great man and the exhibition by clicking play on the audio player at the bottom of this post.

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  • Jennifer, I’m really looking forward to taking the family down for a look. I figure if our kids are playing with all the models I can just pretend that I’m only playing for their sake. 🙂

  • My name might be familiar but it must be another Rodney Olsen. I’ve always lived and worked here in Perth, Western Australia.

    I was recently in the States for a very short time. I was just passing through on my way to Haiti and Dominic Republic.

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