Abuse, adultery and desertion

NotUnderBondage.jpgWhat kind of God would insist on a woman staying in a relationship with an abusive husband? Some Christians believe that divorce is totally unacceptable under any circumstance but is that really the case?

There are very few people who enter marriage with anything but the best of intentions and a strong desire to make a life long committment, but for those wanting to stay within God’s plan, what happens when people find themselves in a destructive relationship?

Under what circumstances does the Bible permit divorce?

Does the Bible allow for a divorced Christian to remarry?

Divorce and remarriage remains a hot topic in Christian circles with a wide variety of opinions on the subject.

Barbara Roberts has written a book titled Not Under Bondage – Biblical Divorce for Abuse, Adultery and Desertion. I recently spoke to her about her book and her journey to recovery.

You can hear what she has to say by clicking the play button on the audio player at the bottom of this post.


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  • Barbara’s book, “Not UnderBondage” has brought liberty and renewed faith to my heart…that I had thought was beyond repair. Her friendship has also brought renewed joy to my spirit that I had thought was gone forever.

    I am a FORMER victim of domestic abuse (25 years). We were both ordained into ministry and served primarily outside the nation of our birth(USA). I was told it was “my fault”…I needed to pray more, fast more, ‘adapt myself to my husband’s plans’…and 101 other things that were lies.

    Once we moved back to the USA, it took the intervention of the sheriff’s department to get me out of there. I had a fractured eye-socket and a broken jaw. I lost everything I owned with the exception of the clothes on my back, my briefcase and my new puppy. I ended up living in a “safe-house”.

    Now…there’s a bit of distance between then and now. You can recover fully! Barbara has become a beloved friend and sister in Christ. Upon reading her book, my first thought was “IF ONLY” I had this book at the time I was removed from my home… I did, however, call our women’s resource center and recommened this for women of faith (as there really is NO voice for the victim…rather, I see that the “church” continues to perpetuate the lie that it’s somehow the fault of the victim)

    To those of you NOT in an abusive relationship, I would guess that you know someone that is in the midst of abuse…GET THEM THIS BOOK! Purchase extra copies and drop them off at your local women’s shelter’s. I say from experience, there is NOTHING on the market like this book. It brings healing and renewed hope. It also was a reminded that nothing is outside the help of the healing touch of our Lord.


  • Kathryn, thanks for your honesty and openness on this topic.

    I’m so glad that Barbara’s book has been such a help for you and I really hope that many more women are able to get hold of the book and find their way to the true freedom that only comes through Christ.

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