Royal Suite Guests in Right Royal Rip Off

I was reading this morning that the famous Waldorf Hotel in New York is asking past visitors to return items they’ve taken while staying in the prestigious hotel. Their Royal Suite will set you back $10 000 a night yet a spokesman says that items go missing from that suite quite regularly.

Over the years they’ve lost everything from cake forks to framed photos, a 60cm tall fluted crystal vase, commissioned in 1913 for the hotel’s 30th anniversary, and the shower doors from a suite once occupied by Frank Sinatra.

COUPLES who stay in the Waldorf’s Royal Suite pay $10,000 a night for a room once occupied by the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. Across the hallway, 42 floors above Park Avenue, is the residence of the US ambassador to the United Nations.

Guests rest their heads on pillows embroidered with images of the Duchess’s pugs, and in the morning many decide to steal something.

“We lose items out of that suite quite regularly,” said Matt Zolbe, a spokesman for the hotel, who was discussing this delicate matter over an iced tea in the hotel bar. “The framed photographs of the Duke and Duchess walk ridiculously easily, but that’s representative of what we are talking about.” – The Australian

They’re currently running an amnesty for the return of items, especially those taken between 1930 and 1960 for a display of the hotel’s history. They’ve already had a silver coffee pot, a soup tureen and about a dozen other items, sent in the post.

I’m wondering if you’ve ever slipped something into your bag when checking out of a hotel. I know that some people like to take towels or other bits and pieces but I could never do something like that. I’ve certainly come away with pens and a the occasional mini soap or shampoo bottle but I’ve never taken anything I wasn’t meant to take. How about you?

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  • Since I generally travel (when I do) with all the toiletries I need, I don’t normally use the shampoo, etc in the bathroom. However, we do have times at church where we are looking for toiletries to send to military personnel or missionaries. the little take home’s find their way from the hotel to their need. I have never taken anything other than that. A pen, tea or coffee is one thing. A vase? A picture? WOW! That is just way wrong.

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