Thanks Cadel

It was an amazing three weeks.

A lot of people ended up calling the Tour de France the Tour de Farce due to the many drug disqulaifications but the race will be back next year, cleaner and better.

While some saw the drug issues as an indication of what a dirty sport cycling is, I see it as proof that the officials are no longer prepared to take a casual attitude to doping. Cycling is getting cleaner and the clean riders showed their disgust at those who would ruin the reputation of the world’s greatest sporting event for personal gain.

In the end Cadel Evans didn’t snatch the yellow jersey but he did stand in second place on the podium next to the winner, Alberto Contador, the highest position ever for an Australian. Cadel, thank you for doing Australia and the cycling world proud. You’re a gutsy rider and I’m already looking forward to seeing you in yellow in 2008.

I’ve never heard of so many people watching the race as this year. It’s all over the media, and not just for the drug issues. So many of the people I talk to have been staying up late watching every stage. Many of them are people who have never expressed an interest in cycling before.

Oh well, looks like I’ll be able to get a few early nights this week.

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  • Hi Rodney! I must say, I definitely agree that cycling is not “the dirty sport”! I reckon we should turn to anyone who calls it the “Tour de Farce” and see how they think Footy would fare, or how Cricket would fare under similar scrutiny. I agree that the number of failed screenings simply means that the officials are taking the issue seriously. Anyone who has watched a cycling race and takes the time to learn a few of the strategies…etc…would have to walk away respecting the sport and the athletes, I reckon!

  • Excellent post. While I agree with you about cycling not being as bad as it’s being painted at the moment, I do think that the culture of using drugs probably goes far deeper than most think.

    I remember Michael Johnson (the 400m runner) saying in an interview once that the sprinter with the best chemist tends to win – even if it’s done legally.

  • I must have been one of the few that didn’t watch it this year.

    Before I even knew anything about cycling, as a young girl, I would watch it for the scenery. How amazing are the Alps and Pyrenees!

    Later as my family got into cycling, we watched and cheered on Lemond, Armstrong, Indurain and so on.

    It’s a grueling race. Hopefully I will get to see it next year. Be nice if the Aussie won. 🙂

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