Hearts break across Australia

DeanGeyerRodneyOlsen.JPGIf you listen carefully you can hear the fragile hearts of teenage girls across Australia breaking and crumbling as they hear the news that Australian Idol finalist, Dean Geyer, is engaged.

The love of his life is one half of The Veronicas, Lisa Origliasso.

News.com.au broke the news a short time ago with their story Veronicas’ twin and Idol engaged.

The couple, who have been together for a year, released a statement today to announce their news.

“Dean Geyer and Lisa Origliasso, together with their families, are delighted to announce they are engaged,” the statement said.

“The couple have been together since April 2007 and are thrilled to share their news.”

The photo in this post is of Dean and me when he joined me in the studio at 98.5 Sonshine FM in June last year. You can hear the interview from that visit by clicking the play button on the audio player at the bottom of this post.


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  • thats sweet. may they have a really happy life together

    also rodney very sorry this isnt in appropriate place but
    Guy Sebastian’s and Mg’s DVD and live CD from the Memphis tour
    is out this saturday in shops! I know you enjoyed the tour so thought Id let you
    know. Its all the songs from the tour recorded live and also live dvd incl green onions! also the documentry from guys time in memphis

    also they just interviewed steve cropper about the tour experience in US
    and he really raved about australia, the tour, the audience and guy.
    Guy actually just stayed with steve over in nashville.

    glad to see your home safe, best wishes

  • Wow. Sounds great, Sally. I’ll certainly be looking for that one. It was a wonderful concert by some very talented people.

    Sounds like you’ve already checked out the DVD. Have you got a pre-release copy?

  • no such luck on an advance copy
    but I shall be standing outside the doors of the cd shop come sat though!

  • Rodney, when I tour international blogs, one thing is certain; I will find posts to that country’s Idol televisionb show. Since Simon Cowell started his Idol show in England, he moved to the states, and now every country has their own version. Amazing. I just wonder from how many of thoise shows does Simon get any money….

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